Coolest way to water!

It probably seems strange to start thinking about watering systems so early in the season, but this is the time to think about installing water lines or systems that that need to be in place before the plants emerge.

I lay soaker hoses in some of my perennial beds and laced through the raspberry patch just in case we get a very dry spell and I need to water them.

However, I use another system altogether for my blueberries – which are heavy drinkers – and my tomatoes. The “shrubbler” system I purchased from Lee Valley Tools is the best system I have ever used. It uses less water because it concentrates the water around the plants I target, rather than watering all the ground in between.

Each plant gets its own little sprinkler or shrubbler, which can be adjusted to spread over an area as large as 3’. Because they are only about 8” off the ground, they also do not splash over the foliage – they just soak the ground. The basic set up costs about $49 and can easily be expanded. Check it out at in the section with low flow watering devices.

Shrubbler® Drip System

Shrubbler® Drip System - Gardening Shrubbler® Drip System - Gardening
Shrubbler® Drip System - Gardening

Many people shy away from irrigation systems because they look difficult to install and appear unsightly among the plants. However, this system is quick and easy to install, and much of it can be buried out of sight, just below the soil surface.Unlike many drip irrigation systems, this one uses unique “Shrubblers” that are adjustable to emit from 0 to 13 gallons per hour (at 30 psi).

Although Shrubblers are generally unknown to most gardeners, they are an industry standard in commercial irrigation, where tens of millions of them are sold yearly for use in commercial plantings, nurseries and garden centers.

When a Shrubbler is fully open, it will irrigate a 3′ dia. circle. At lower settings, it works like a very small sprinkler or drip tip.

Included in this system are 25 regular Shrubbler spikes, 50′ of 1/2″ poly header hose, 50′ of 1/4″ feeder line, various connectors, an in-line filter, a hole punch and instructions. Extra components are available, should you wish to expand it.

About Susan Guagliumi

I am an author, craftsperson and a gardener. My proposal for a book tentatively titled "The Artful Gardener" was just accepted by Stewart, Tibori and Chang Publishers. Although this will be my fifth book, it is the first outside the area of hand/machine knitting. The manuscript is due early in 2013 and the book is scheduled for Spring of 2014. A somewhat longer process than giving birth to a child, embarking on an author's journey can be just as daunting, exciting and almost as fulfilling.
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