Lady Banks Rose

IMG_1297I fell in love with these tiny roses when I was in Melbourne this past fall. It was spring there and the Banksia Roses were in bloom everywhere – tiny, delicate roses that are nearly thornless vigorous climbers. I know, I know – southern Connecticut is not quite the same climate as Melbourne, Australia, but I have decided to give them a try anyhow.

Most growers list theLady Banks Roses as hardy to zone 7 and we are zone 6b-7a, but I love a challenge! Found reasonably priced plants from Brushwood Nurseries ( – also found a hardy jasmine I added to my order. By the way, got an almost immediate response from them to the questions I emailed and that gives them big points in my book!

About Susan Guagliumi

I am an author, craftsperson and a gardener. My proposal for a book tentatively titled "The Artful Gardener" was just accepted by Stewart, Tibori and Chang Publishers. Although this will be my fifth book, it is the first outside the area of hand/machine knitting. The manuscript is due early in 2013 and the book is scheduled for Spring of 2014. A somewhat longer process than giving birth to a child, embarking on an author's journey can be just as daunting, exciting and almost as fulfilling.
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