In between rainy days and an endless list of garden chores, I’ve been able to spend some time working on The Wall. The front of the wall is about 90% done and the back is about 30% so I am hoping that once the weather clears, I will be able to finish this phase, do some preliminary cleanup and then start grouting everything. I need to get it done if I want to get the garden in front of it planted this year!

The front is almost 90% done – then I can start grouting.

The terra cotta pot sports a “Sage” tile as well as some tiny clay faces. Eventually, the entire pot will be covered with tesserae and will blend in with the wall.

I have to say that I love having all kinds of birds in the gardens, in spite of the fact that I sometimes listen to myself and think “you sound just like grandma…”

The blue birds have moved into several of the nesting boxes I made and the first hummingbirds were snacking on my cranesbill geraniums yesterday.

Not sure if this male Eastern Blue Bird (double click on the photo to enlarge it – he is right in the entry-hole of the house) is building the nest or feeding young, but I watched him flit back and forth to his house all afternoon. Wonder if he was the same one that kept flying onto the barn window screens trying to get at his reflection in the window! You can check out video of that drama on my Facebook page!

I’ve used this lonely salt shaker on top of a plant stake for years so that there is alway a blue bird of happiness in my beds.

It seems early, but I put some supports into the garden the other day when I saw buds the size of XXLarge eggs on my oriental poppies. They have to be tied up to supports or the flowers are so huge they break the stems.

OK. There are bird houses, feeders and baths and all around the property and I think they validate my claim that I am a true bird lover. However! I draw the line when it comes to sharing my berries with any of them! When I finished weeding the blueberry beds, I set up the netting frame and once I have the irrigation in place, will cover the entire frame in netting.

Wouldn’t you think that Connecticut, with all those netted tobacco fields, would be an easy place to find used tobacco netting? Impossible stuff to come by so, once again, I will have to rely on black plastic netting. This year I was able to find some really fine mesh that is as supple as fabric so I hope we will  be able to close off every possible entry point to the patch. Last year, we had some incredibly fat little birds who always found a way in!

The bushes have just started forming the berries so I still have a couple of weeks before I need to cover this frame with berry netting.

About Susan Guagliumi

I am an author, craftsperson and a gardener. My proposal for a book tentatively titled "The Artful Gardener" was just accepted by Stewart, Tibori and Chang Publishers. Although this will be my fifth book, it is the first outside the area of hand/machine knitting. The manuscript is due early in 2013 and the book is scheduled for Spring of 2014. A somewhat longer process than giving birth to a child, embarking on an author's journey can be just as daunting, exciting and almost as fulfilling.
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3 Responses to Progress….

  1. Merilee Pritchard says:

    Gonna look good cleaned up. Are you using gray color for grout ?

    • I will be using thin set, which tends to be grayish. I thought about getting a whiter grout, but being outside, it isn’t going to stay white anyhow!

      • Merilee Pritchard says:

        True, but I would like to see the contrast and brightness of white.
        You know better than I as to whether it could be done.

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